How Using Can Help You Get A Promotion

How to use to get a promotionClear Task adopted over six months ago and it has been a great success, largely due to the value it adds for end users. I’ve mentioned before that helps me to be a better manager. But what is in it for my employees? Why should they be using it? Can it help them get a promotion?

There are 3 main ways that employees can use to advance their careers:

  1. Ensure Your Goals Are Known: One of the best ways to ensure your manager coaches you effectively and helps you to reach your (more…)

3 ways has made me a better manager  ·  Better Management  · Two months before acquired Rypple (now we implemented SuccessFactors; each Clear Task employee entered in their goals for the next few years. Management reviewed the goals and afterward, I never heard of anyone logging in again! So this summer we switched to and we wanted to share 3 ways has made me a better manager.  (more…)

Achieve Social Transformation With Chatter ENGAGE

When first released Chatter in 2010, the message was largely “just turn it on” and adoption will automatically follow. However, many companies who implemented this way did not always get the full benefit they expected.

There is good news. At Dreamforce 2012 announced an implementation methodology called ENGAGE to help customers achieve the social transformation that Chatter can deliver.

Chatter · Engage -


Chatter Q & A: Solutions to common technical questions

Chatter is two years old now, and as more and more companies embrace it I am starting to get some common questions.  Here are some of the most common technical questions — and some answers that may help you out:

  1. When do I use Chatter Feed Tracking and when do I use Field History Tracking? Use Chatter to post updates about fields you need to take action on; keep the number to a  (more…)

Chatter Best Practices: Keys To Writing a Chattetiquette Guide

Some of our clients have expressed concerns in implementing Chatter—not with the technology per se, but rather the processes and communication change it creates.  Some concerns are legitimate, some are just a result of change. Clients were concerned that implementing Chatter would create noise, unprofessional comments, and more. I am sure that when email first appeared, similar concerns were voiced.