Why an Office Full of Women is Better Than a Binder Full of Women

Even if you didn’t watch the 2nd presidential debate, you may have already seen an image of Patrick Swayze saying “Nobody puts Baby in a Binder” and the myriad of jokes surrounding Romney’s faux pas. The implication that when Romney was looking for female candidates for cabinet positions there just weren’t any qualified female candidates to be found is definitely not the case at Clear Task.  We have an office full of women.

Fortunately – we have a strong female presence at Clear Task, so I thought it was worth giving some thought as to why we do not face the same challenge as some tech companies.  We go into the marketplace searching for top talent agnostic of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, etc., and we have ended up with a majority of female consultants. (more…)

Practice What You Preach

Many times, starting a new job is a leap of faith. You can evaluate the website, review the healthcare plan, check out the executives on LinkedIn, and even take a surreptitious glance in the break room to check out the free snacks. However, there are certain intangibles that no amount of research can measure. As the newest (although not for long) member of the Clear